A married couple drive the city streets looking for young girls to pick up. They are methodical, obsessive and dangerously perverted. For years they'd lured girls back to their charnel house, where they spent the next few days abusing them. Eve was a cruel, connoisseur in the perverted world of sexual torture. Whereas Caleb was just a brutal deviant, with little self-control. She understands the growing risks however and tries to persuade her husband that they'd trawled the streets for too long. Their luck wouldn't hold for ever, there were just too many security cameras now. She told him bluntly, that they had to start again. Online this time, where the shoals of young girls looking to chat made for an easier and safer catch.
At the same time as the murderous couple begin their online quest, Michael is given the simple journalistic assignment of writing about internet dating sites. His editor wanted to expose the whole sleazy end of this burgeoning scene. He wanted the low down about online sites that had become the focus for cheating husbands and wives, fetishists, swingers, dominatrix and escorts. This soon became Michael's most gratifying project yet. Mixing work and pleasure gave his ego the boost it needed after a bruising divorce.
A few months later, he meets Ruby, a beautiful, emotionally damaged young woman who has extreme masochistic tendencies. Michael is desperate to find out why Ruby needed to be humiliated this way. As their relationship develops, Ruby still gives Michael nothing about her past. One evening Michael shows her some of the web-sites he's used. She stumbles across Caleb & Eve's profile and Ruby breaks down completely. She storms out of Michael's house and he never sees her again.
Michael makes the obvious connection between Ruby and the couple. Convinced that they have something to do with her disappearance he needs to get close to Caleb and Eve. He makes contact through their web-site and his descent into their gothic underworld begins. Michael takes a reckless course, he enters their house of horrors and begins his search for the truth, where he finds himself in amongst child rapists, pedarists and murderers.